hydroponics supply

We offer complete hydroponics supply and alternative gardening products including indoor grow lights for anyone into the art of cultivating plants without soil.

Our hydroponics supply items include everything you need (except the water) to start your homegrown hydroponics gardening!

Along with starter kits, instructions and informative data sheets that cover all aspects of growing without soil our hydroponics supply resource center carries…

  • A variety of hydroponics systems and starter kits
  • Self contained growing reservoirs and plant support baskets
  • Grow media (inert growing mediums to anchor the roots)
  • A variety of rich mineral nutrients and plant food additives
  • A variety of horticultural light reflectors, accessories and grow lights including radiant, metal halide, high pressure sodium and sodium agro lights plus fluorescent lights
  • Air pumps, fans and filters
  • CO2 release systems
  • Environmental controls
  • PH kits and testers
  • All the necessary fittings and tubings
  • Hydroponics supply books and literature
  • Sample seeds and instructions

Worldwide, garden buffs and fans of organic gardening depend on hydroponics supply outfits as their one complete source for cultivating herb, foliage seeds into healthy and robust high yields.

With a dependable hydroponics supply, this form of gardening is a low maintenance, efficient way to cultivate and very easy for beginners to learn.

To learn more about any of our hydroponics supply items, please inquire here.




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