hydroponics plans

How-to hydroponics plans offer beginners a low maintenance, efficient way to cultivate plants without soil, using only nutrient-enriched water.

Whether you want to start hydroponics gardening for fun, food or profit everything you need to get started (except the water) is included with our hydroponics plans.

Easy-to-follow hydroponics plans walk you through step by step in setting up, growing and reaping the benefits from soil-less gardening.

Use our hydroponics plans to learn how to do routine checks on pH levels, top up water levels, change nutrients regularly as needed and use a timer to automatically control your grow lights for optimum plant growth.

Hydroponics plans teach you how to grow plants so that they mature faster, healthier and provide a significantly higher yield. These systems are easy, inexpensive and fun for any garden hobbyist.

Learn how to mix your own nutrient solutions, grow from seeds or root clippings, test ph levels and more! Set up indoors, outdoors, in a greenhouse, your backyard or even your basement.

Loaded with clear instructions these professionally designed hydroponics plans cover the complete spectrum. Learn about everything to do with soil less growing from hydroponic nutrients, mediums and CO2 enrichment to pumps, plumbing, grow lighting, instrumentation and equipment.

Ask us about our state-of-the-art hydroponics plans.



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