hydroponics growing

Here are some hydroponics growing basics for beginners, hobbyists and enthusiasts of cultivating plants without soil.

Hydroponics growing of all forms of foliage seeds, plants involves all the areas listed below and more.

  • A plant gets its food source by turning Co2, light and water (or hydrogen) into carbohydrates through a process called photosynthesis.
  • With hydroponics growing, plants are grown without soil so they must get their nutrients from the nutrient solutions added to water.
  • The absence of soil in growing means that hydroponics systems must have some way of supporting the plants while still allowing the bare root system maximum exposure to the nutrient solution.
  • Often a "growing medium" is used for support and to aid in moisture and nutrient retention in hydroponics growing
  • Because they lack media to store water and nutrients, water culture systems need a continuous flow of nutrients to prevent drying out the plant roots.
  • Plants need an energy source in order to grow. With hydroponics growing this energy may come from natural light, which has the full spectrum of color or through the use of different types of artificial lighting (grow lights), which can be selected for specific plant varieties and optimum plant growth characteristics.

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