hydroponics gardening

Indoor hydroponics gardening using grow lights is considered by some to be the organic gardening way of the future. The possibilities for the widespread use of hydroponics gardening in both home and commercial applications is extensive.

Commercial hydroponics gardening has been around for only four short decades, but scientists, hobbyists and industries alike recognize its great potential.

Some of the major concerns that have fueled the interest in using hydroponics gardening include…

  • The taste of food products
  • Nutritional value
  • Quicker, higher yields
  • Cost of production
  • Consumer cost of food products
  • Effects of chemical use and pesticides on the environment and health
  • Becoming self sufficient

Whether it's vegetable, fruit, or floral, the success of hydroponics gardening on a large scale has placed this biological industry somewhere between horticulture and the realm of manufacturing. The efficiency of hydroponics gardening has allowed growers more time to concentrate on pruning, pollination, inter-cropping and harvesting.

With hydroponics gardening the grower doesn't have to worry about proper soil conditions like texture, structure or porosity. And because this is a process that does not use soil, there's no need to work and rework it after the garden has been planted.

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