hydroponics centre

Operating your own hydroponics centre has tremendous advantages over farming by planting in soil.

Using a hydroponics centre has become hugely popular worldwide for growing all types of plants like herbs, foliage, vegetables and food cultivation. In fact it has become more and more commercially viable as evidenced in Holland, which is currently the leader in utilizing hydroponics systems extensively for commercial food products.

A hydroponics centre is relatively simple to operate, with very low maintenance and is a highly efficient way of plant cultivation.

What are some of the benefits of a hydroponics centre?

  • Simple to set up, operate, maintain and control
  • Set up anywhere, on rock, soil, grass, inside, etc.
  • Year-round cultivation
  • Quicker, higher yields
  • No soil diseases
  • No insecticides
  • Up to four crops per year
  • No crop rotation necessary
  • Consistent crop size and production
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • No need for heavy machinery
  • Less fertilizer, less water, less waste
  • No weeding
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Not subject to bad weather, drought, erosion, etc.

Hydroponics growing is cheaper to operate than soil farming and the products are grown in nutrient-rich water providing the plants with ideal growing conditions not attainable with soil farming. The end result is often far more robust, healthy and better tasting.

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