general hydroponics

Choose a general hydroponics system that is right for your needs. Understanding what your cultivating objectives are and how large an area you want to cultivate in will help you choose the hydroponics systems that is right for you.

Worldwide herb and food hydroponics have gained immensely in popularity mainly because it is a low maintenance, efficient way to cultivate and very easy for beginners to learn.

General hydroponics can supply the basic needs of plants but different plants require varying degrees of these basic needs, namely…

  • Sufficient light
  • Food or nutrients
  • Carbon dioxide (C02)
  • Water
  • Heat
  • Fresh air

Cultivating plants without soil using general hydroponics means that none of these basic plant needs can be lacking or the plants will suffer.

Plants being grown with hydroponics do not require a large root system in order to feed and unlike soil-based plants, they do not have to divide their energy between growing upward for the plant and growing downward for the root system. The readily available nutrients provided by the hydroponics setup allow plants to focus their energy into growing mostly upward, promoting quicker growth and higher yields.

Under the right conditions using the proper general hydroponics cultivating system, plants have been known to grow between 2 and 4 times faster than those in soil.

Let us help you choose the right general hydroponics system for your needs.

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